Social Distancing Champion Danbo - Amazon

Social Distancing Champion Danbo

Social Distancing Champion Danbo - Amazon

Management at the DHO1 location (North of Houston) wanted something to reward Amazon associates that resolutely followed the new social distancing guidelines.  Amazon coined the term “Social Distancing Champion” and instructed me to make something encompassing the new slogan, with an Amazon mascot and have a cool vibe. This is what I came up with.

The Danbo SD champion logo was drawn and arranged in Illustrator.  The final design was made into T-shirts, only four dozen were printed so this is one of my most rare T-shirt designs.

Amazon Adopt A Shop Logo

Adopt A Shop 2022 Logo

Amazon Adopt A Shop Logo
Every year at the end of summer, Amazon and a group of locally owned barber shops get together and have a massive back-to-school drive. The annual drive helps get school supplies to kids in need. This is the third year I’ve created a logo & flyer for this event. The logo was also embroidered on polo shirts and screen printed on T-shirts.

As for the logo, I created in Illustrator and arranged in Photoshop. If you’re in the Houston area or just want more information on Amazon’s Adopt-A-Shop program please feel free to contact me and I can point you in the right direction.  Scroll down to see the second color pallet.

adopt a shop back to school blue pallet


adopt a shop back to school yellow pallet

Amazon floor maps

Station Floor Maps

Amazon floor maps

I started making these for Amazon’s DHO1 location, since then I have made floor maps for eleven different Amazon facilities.  For security reasons I’m only posting the maps of locations that have since closed.  These came in really handy during the covid pandemic with all the changes of operation.

All maps were created in Illustrator, continue scrolling to view all maps.

interior foot traffic DH01

interior foot traffic DH01 02

interior exterior DHO1

interior DHO4

interior DHO4

DNT7 slider featured image

DTN7 peak slideshow 2022

DNT7 slider featured image

Management at DNT7 (Tennessee area) reached out to me to create a 4K UHD slideshow.  The slider was for recognition of the buildings top performers for that particular day/ week. These are the slides I came up with.

Like almost every other project I create, Illustrator is my weapon of choice, with Photoshop helping me with layout and assembly.  There are four different layouts with three Amazon color pallets for a combined total of twelve slides.  I should also point out, I didn’t create the wolverine logo, I did have to re-create a vector version of it.

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Amazon Stow Wars Backstage Passes DHO3

Backstage Passes for DHO3

When the big bosses come to town you roll out the red carpet. Amazon had recently opened a new location in the Houston area. The locale was a new delivery station, DHO3, and their mascot was “The Rockstars” (every new Amazon building gets to choose their mascot).  With every new location comes a visit from the big-wigs.

I was approached by DHO3 management to create some original graphics and promotional items that went with their Rockstar mascot. These backstage passes are what I came up with.

The passes were created in Illustrator using the Amazon delivery station color pallet.  DHO3 had them professionally printed and laminated. They were an absolute crowd pleaser!

social distancing floor grid set 01

Social Distancing Floor Grid

Social distancing floor grid set 01

social distancing floor grid set 02

At the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic DHO1 management approached me to make a floor grid that would assist Amazonians with social distancing. I made two sets of floor grids, the navy blue/ yellow set was chosen to print and install at DHO1.  I had free reign to create so I choose to use the Amazon Leadership Principles as a theme for their new floor grid. If you’re not familiar with Amazon’s Leadership Principles, they are as follows:

  • Customer Obsession
  • Ownership
  • Invent and Simplify
  • Are Right, A Lot
  • Learn and Be Curious
  • Hire and Develop the Best
  • Insist on the Highest Standards
  • Think Big
  • Bias for Action
  • Frugality
  • Earn Trust
  • Dive Deep
  • Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit
  • Deliver Results

Since the beginning of the pandemic Amazon has added two new principles:

  • Strive to be Earth’s Best Employer
  • Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility

These principles are not included in the SD floor grid.

Social Distance grid - floor sticker

printed social distance grid

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Below is the blue set, click an image to begin the slideshow.

Raise Your Bar Amazon logo

Raise Your Bar Logo

Raise Your Bar Logo

This was a saying from one of Houston’s regional managers, “Raise Your Bar”. It was her signature motivational quote. One of her co-workers approached me to turn it into a logo for a collectable pin, this is what I came up with.

The Raise Your Bar logo was created in Adobe Illustrator using mostly primary and secondary color pallet. It was used to make one of Amazon’s many collectable pins and distributed throughout the greater Houston area.

Below you can see the same logo with a Dreamsicle color pallet

raise your bar-dreamsicle pallet
AC/DC style logo for DHO1

AC/DC style DHO1 shirt design

AC/DC DHO1 style logo

This is one of my favorite Amazon projects I’ve worked on. DHO1 Management reached out to me and requested “something cool” for their AAs (Amazon Associates).

What’s cooler than AC/DC…not a lot.

The logo was made in Illustrator, the color adjustments and grungy overlay was created and arranged in Photoshop. Check back to this page, every time I see an AA wearing one of these shirts I snap a pic and upload it.

So you have a comparison the image below is the standard logo

Amazon DHO1 Tiger logo

Mind Your Step logo - Amazon

Mind Your Step Logo

Mind Your Step Logo

The Mind Your Step program was started in 2019 at Amazon warehouses, fulfillment centers and delivery stations. The program is for all Amazon Associates (AAs). AAs are issued an annual credit to shop from a curated selection of safety shoes.

The logo was used in Houston on promotional t-shirts, flyers and collectable pins. The illustration was created with Adobe Illustrator and arranged in Photoshop. 3D typography in an ice cream color pallet and a guest spot from Danbo.

Mind Your Step pin - Amazon

Air Jordan 1 University Blue Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1 Pollen Air Jordan 1 Pine Green Air Jordan 1 Obsidian Air Jordan 1 Fragment Air Jordan 1 Court Purple Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe Jordan 1 Russell Westbrook Jordan 1 Mocha Jordan 1 Hyper Royal Jordan 1 Blue The Great - Fearless Jordan 1 University Blue Dark Reflection Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard Dark Reflection Jordan 1 Pollen Dark Reflection Jordan 1 Pine Green Dark Reflection Jordan 1 Obsidian Dark Reflection Jordan 1 Fragment Dark Reflection Jordan 1 Court Purple Dark Reflection Jordan 1 Bred Toe Dark Reflection Jordan 1 Russell Westbrook dark reflection Jordan 1 Mocha dark reflection Jordan 1 Hyper Royal dark reflection Jordan 1 University Blue Light Reflection Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard Light Reflection Jordan 1 Pollen Light Reflection Jordan 1 Pine Green Light Reflection Jordan 1 Obsidian Light Reflection Jordan 1 Fragment Light Reflection Jordan 1 Court Purple Light Reflection Jordan 1 Bred Toe Light Reflection Russell Westbrook light reflection Mocha light reflection Hyper Royal light reflection Blue The Great Fearless light reflection Jordan 1 Pop Art Shattered Backboard, Obsidian, Fragment & Pine Green Jordan 1 Pop Art, Bred Toe, Universirt Blue, Pollen, Court Purple Jordan 1 Set 1 Jordan 1 long shadow effect audio jungle Joker Hexagon 100 perfect patterns Dwight Shrute's Pop Art Book For Coloring Michael Scott: somehow I manage

Michael Scott: Somehow I Manage

Michael Scott: somehow I manage


This book could be a coffee table book or a coloring book, it could go both ways. The process of creating this book was long and hard. It contains 40 illustrations so it’s pretty thick. You won’t be able to put it down. This book is guaranteed to leave you smiling and satisfied. That’s what she said!!!


Enjoy the humor of one the most iconic American treasures, Michael Scott. This book contains 40 of Michael’s greatest jokes, sayings and general advice about life. This book works as a coffee table book for fans of The Office who aren’t into coloring. And of course, this book makes the perfect gift for any and all fans of The Office. This book is a collection of 40 jokes or memes from The Office’s fearless leader Michael Gary Scott. It contains 40 custom illustrations and is available for purchase here for $8.99.

Mandala And Flower Patterns Fuck Off I'm coloring geometric patterns volume 16 geometric patterns volume 15 geometric patterns volume 14 geometric patterns volume 13 geometric patterns volume 12 geometric patterns volume 11 geometric patterns volumes 3 & 4 geometric patterns volume 1&2 record store fruit store skate shop

Record Store/ Fruit Store/ Skate Shop

record store fruit store skate shop

This was a random illustration that got out of control fast.  Sixty hours later we have an image that is made up of 7 different sections.

  • Record Store Exterior
  • Record Store Interior
  • Apartment (Above Fruit Store) Exterior
  • Apartment Interior
  • Fruit Store Exterior
  • Skate Shop Exterior
  • Skate Shop Interior

Record Store Exterior

The record store exterior facade was built brick by brick in Illustrator and rasterized in Photoshop. The windows and door were masked and set at a 10% opacity.  Neon signage above the storefront: vertical record sign; Wax Museum sign; and Open sign were created using stokes and gaussian blur.

Record Store Interior

The Record Store Interior is where things started to get out of hand.

record store interior

Vanishing point perspective was used in the interior of the record store, all straight lines point to the center of the canvas. A simple black and white seamless pattern was used for the floor and put into perspective. Gradient wood color pallet was used on the ceiling before being placed into perspective. The side walls were the last to be placed on top and into perspective.  This leaves the back wall. For the back wall, thirty-two (mostly 90’s) records were image traced in Illustrator in imported into Photoshop. The posters and were created using the same technique and the records across the top where hastily made in Illustrator. The mini-desk was made from a wood texture, with masking and a drop shadow.

Apartment Exterior

Things started to calm down and get back on track. The brick facade again, was really built brick by brick (in Illustrator), rasterized, and imported into Photoshop. The windows were a bit tricky but some Illustrator presets came in handy. The window pane are set at 10% opacity.

Apartment Interior

The Interior of the apartment is also done using the vanishing point technique.

apartment interior

The theme for the apartment was “Flowers”, I’m starting to get off track and a little manic on the details but bear with me.The three-canvas sunflower on the back wall was done using a series of masks. The paintings of the left and right walls are masked and put into perspective. If the ceiling looks familiar, it is. You saw it in the record store. The floor is a wood-textured seamless pattern put into perspective. The coffee table was constructed in Photoshop using wood textures and drop shadows. The couch, random knick-knacks, and lights where all done in Illustrator.

Fruit Store Exterior

This is actually where it all began. I was just making a small personal project, a fruit stand, then we started expanding.

fruit store

The awning was the first asset Illustrated. Lemon-Lime color pallet and a little drop shadow did the trick. The facade was built using the same technique as above. The white fruit posters in the windows, the door, and the (we’re open) sign are all custom made in Illustrator. The watermelon cart was made in Photoshop and the watermelons done in Illustrator.

Skate Shop Exterior

Again the bricks made in the same way as above.

skate shop storefront

The cinder blocks were done in Illustrator and imported into Photoshop where I added texture. The stairs are a combination of gradients and shadows. The open neon was created using gaussian blur and stroke manipulation. The “SKATE SHOP” letters are Illustrated and stroked. The windows and doors are at a 10% opacity.  The “Skateboard Emporium” was drawn in Illustrator and given texture and shadows in Photoshop.

Skate Shop Interior

I mean, I’ve gone this far, I might as well finish up strong.

skate shop interior

A familiar ceiling and floor scheme, I know. 99 skate decks were made and 50 shirts, some of both categories didn’t make the cut.

This particular project was one of my favorites. It started small and ended up larger than I was anticipating. Some of it was tricky but I think we have solid addition to the portfolio when its all said and done. If you want copies of my Illustrator files contact me.

geometric patterns volumes 1-10 geometric patterns volume 10 geometric patterns volume 9 geometric patterns volume 8 geometric patterns volume 7 geometric patterns volume 6 geometric patterns volume 5 geometric patterns volume 4 geometric patterns volume 3 geometric patterns volume 2 ice-planet roll-up-banner-stand abstract-infographic web banner with 3d boxes ribbon-infographic bees-vector turntable-illustration hot-air-balloons audio jungle illustrator skyline polygon-pitbull gameboy 3d-graffiti notebook-paper-manipulation elephant-octopus texure-download skyline ny chili pepper metallic logo infographic tabs infographic perspective with primary colors infographic cylinder