eCommerce website template


With this website template you build your own online store.  Out of the box it’s capable of accepting credit cards, manage orders, customize your storefront and a whole bunch more.  Ideal for stores with large inventories, it is designed to make it quick & easy to browse through all the categories and products your store has to offer.

It is impossible to spend money on this site so go ahead and play with/ use and abuse it, that’s what it’s for. I chose sport bikes because one of my favorite things on earth is to ride my GSXR 750r, but you can use this same eCommerce setup to sell anything. Some of the many features on this demo include:

  • complete shopping cart system
  • pay-per download system
  • navigation menu with CSS3 transitions
  • search bar for the entire site
  • search bar for products only
  • customer membership accounts
  • single purchases without having to create an account
  • 100% customization of how to display/organize your product information
  • coupon code can remove percentage or exact dollar amounts
  • product image gallery
  • user price filter
  • credit card processing
  • customer reviews

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